Distinguished Lecturer Program

Distinguished Lecturer Program



The CESoc Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides a service to support the CESoc Chapters with high qualified distinguished lecturers specialized on various aspects of consumer electronics and to deliver technical seminars and workshops.

While presentations to groups outside of the CESoc and the IEEE are encouraged, the DLP is not intended to be used for national or international CESoc symposiums, conferences, regional conventions, local colloquiums, trade shows, or commercial seminars.


The DLP can be arranged in response to a request from one or more CESoc Chapter Chairs.


The distinguished lectures are organized not only to benefit the existing CESoc Chapters and their members, but they can also be effective in generating membership and encouraging the formation of new CESoc chapters.Where possible a group of geographically adjacent chapters are encouraged to coordinate with the DL Chair in arranging schedules that cover the region.


DLs can be approved for either Regional or International visits; chapters should work with the DL and the DL Chair to optimize the resources.



Distinguished Lecturers:

The CE Society has recently the following Distinguished Lecturers to its program:


Renowned Speakers (Rock Stars):



International Distinguished Lecturers:



Regional Distinguished Lecturers:







Scheduling a Distinguished Lecturer

  1. Review lecturers and topics from the above list available on the CESoc website under DL Program; select the topic that is interested for your chapter members. Then contact the Distinguished Lecturer directly to arrange for the engagement and determine:
  • Date, time, and location of the engagement.
  • Name and affiliation of benefiting¬† Chapter/Section or organization
  • Estimated audience size and type (engineers? students?)
  • Topic lecturer will present
  • Discuss what logistical needs can be provided by benefiting CESoc Chapter(s), e.g., ground transportation, some meals, accommodation, refreshment, handout copying, other shared expenses, etc.)
  • Estimated cost of lecturer‚Äôs air fare (economy class).
  • Principal benefiting CESoc Chapter contact.
  1. Contact lecturer again at least 1 or 2 weeks before engagement to confirm arrangements and to deal with any last minute details.
  2. Send a summary of the meeting to the DLP Chai. Please include details on logistical arrangements made.
  3. Create an announcement to include abstract of talk to be presented and lecturer's bio in benefiting CESoc Chapter's or Section’s newsletter and website.

There are two ways that a DL visit can be arranged:

  1. If the DL has a scheduled visit to a particular area then the local chapters will be offered a chance to organize a DL talk for their members. The DL Chair will contact the chapter directly concerning the dates, time, name of DL and other details. Chapters will indicate whether they are interested in such a talk. Once the arrangement has been finalized, the chapter and DL will discuss directly with each other the final details of the visit.


  1. A chapter can contact the DL Chair with a short list of DLs and the DL Chair will contact the DLs concerned and determine which one is available near the time and date suggested by the chapter. Once the arrangement has been finalized, the chapter and DL will discuss directly with each other the final details of the visit.


The Society subsidizes the program up to a certain limit constrained by the available funds and the availability of matching funds from the benefiting organizing.

As sharing of expenses between the benefiting organization and the CE Society is encouraged; as an example, the benefiting organization could provide local transportation for the Lecturer, provide meals, etc. Benefiting organizations will please give credit to the "Consumer Electronics Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" in their newsletter or other announcements.

Distinguished Lecturer Engagements are subsidized


  • To support the activities of the CESoc Chapters, each Distinguished Lecturer may present to several chapters a maximum of six subsidized or shared expense lectures each year. The CESoc will reimburse Distinguished Lecturer's travel expenses for approved speaking engagements up to a recommended limit of $750 per engagement, but this is subject to negotiation and program budget constraints. When travel expenses for any single trip will exceed this amount, before making travel arrangements the Distinguished Lecturer must obtain prior approval from the CESoc Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair and the CESoc President.


  • In addition, the CESoc will reimburse the Distinguished Lecturers up to $1000 per engagement for presentations to CESoc Chapters overseas (specifically, on a continent other than the speaker's home continent). Since budget constraints permit few of these trips per year, each trip must be approved in advance by the Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair and the CESoc President.


  • Sharing of expenses between the benefiting Chapter/Section and the CESoc is encouraged. For example, the benefiting CESoc Chapter(s) could provide refreshment for the meeting, local transportation for the Lecturer, or meals, and or accommodation.


If you are interested in one of the lectures, please send the details to the DL Program Chair: Dr. WahabAlmuhtadi, P.Eng. at almuhtadi@ieee.org.


Nomination and Selection of Distinguished Lecturers

The DL Program consists of at least four Distinguished Lecturers, selected by the Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair from written nominations (See the Nomination for IEEE CESoc Distinguished Lecturer form at the end of this document) or request application by the General Chairs/TPC Chairs of ICCE & ISCE for selected best papers. Nominations are approved by the CESoc Board of Governors, and then should take a three year break before getting reappointed. The term for each Distinguished Lecturer is two years. Currently all terms start and end at the turn of a calendar year.

Selection of Distinguished Lecturers is based on the following criteria:

(1)       professional competence and recognition of CESoc expertise,

(2)       communication and presentation skills,

(3)       topics related to CESoc,

(4)       publications in CE Transactions,

(5)       experience on the topic that will be presented,

(6)       being a member of IEEE CESoc,

(7)       being a Senior Member of the IEEE or IEEE higher grade.

(8)       contribution to a balanced program, and

(9)       Recommendation/nomination by:

  • Member of CESoc Board of Governors.
  • General Chair/Technical Program Chair of the ICCE conference, the ISCE conference, or CESoc sponsored conference.
  • Editor of any CESoc publications.

Selection and participation in the CESoc Distinguished Lecturer program shall not be used in the advertising of products or services, nor for any non-approved presentations such as product or training seminars or trade shows. Distinguished Lecturers may not, as part of any DL Program presentation, advertise, market, or offer for sale, any commercial product or service,


To nominate a CESoc member as a DL please fill in thisNomination for IEEE CESoc Distinguished Lecturerform and send it to:

DL Program Chair:  Dr. WahabAlmuhtadi, P.Eng. at: almuhtadi@ieee.org.