ICCE Awards

Awards at ICCE


Best Paper:

"Black Networks for Bluetooth Low Energy"

Authors: Shaibal Chakrabarty (US-Ignite, USA); Daniel W Engels (Southern Methodist University, USA)

Outstanding Papers 

"A Downhill Simplex Approach for HEVC Error Concealment in Wireless IP"

Authors: Kyoungho Choi (Mokpo National University, Korea); Do Hyun Kim (ETRI, Korea)

"Transformable Plate Ware - An Application of Sheet Type Transformable Robots"
Authors: Mitsuharu Matsumoto (University of Electro-Communications, Japan); Masaaki Shirasaki (University of Electro-communications, Japan)

Best Industry Paper:

"High Performance Deep Neural Network on Low Cost Mobile GPU"

Authors: Pei-Kuei Tsung, Sung-Fang Tsai, Alex Pai, Shu-Jen Lai and Chienping Lu (MediaTek, Taiwan)

Outstanding Industry Paper:

"Format Preserving Speech Encryption for Secured Voice Service on 3G/LTE Network" 

Authors: Han-gil Moon (Samsung Electronics, Korea); Kiho Cho and Soonho Baek (Samsung Electronics co. Ltd., Korea)

Best Student Paper:

"Image Retargeting for Wearable Devices"

Authors: Jwalant Bhatt (Nirma University, India); Deepti Pappusetty and Hari Kalva (Florida Atlantic University, USA); Mehul R Naik (Nirma University, India)

Outstanding Student Paper:

"Development and Integration of a HEMS with an Advanced Smart Metering Infrastructure"

Authors: Enrique Rodriguez-Diaz (Aalborg University, Denmark); Emilio J. Palacios-Garcia (University of Córdoba, Spain); Mehdi Savaghebi, Juan Vasquez and Josep M. Guerrero (Aalborg University, Denmark)



Best Paper Award

1st Place


"Low Memory Usage Architecture for 3D Graphics Based on Scan-Line Rendering"

Yasushi Sugama (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan); Toshiyuki Yoshitake (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Japan); Heng Guo (Spansion Innovates Limited, Japan

2nd Place


"Haptic Feedback Companion for Body Area Network Using Body-Carried Electrostatic Charge"

Adiyan Mujibiya (Rakuten Institute of Technology, Japan)

3rd Place


"Development of Multimodal Surface Interface for Audio and Tactile Feedback"

Changmok Oh (ETRI, Korea); Jeong Mook Lim, Heesook Shin and Minkyu Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea); Hyun-Tae Jeong (ETRI, Korea)

3rd Place


"Branched Inter Layer Prediction Structure for Reduced Bandwidth Distribution of SHVC Streams"

Robin Bailleul, Sebastiaan Van Leuven, Jan De Cock and Rik Van de Walle (Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium)


Best Student Paper Award

1st Place


"Feature Extracted Algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)"

Yan Jhang Shih and Chen-Chien Hsu (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan); Yin-Tien Wang (Tamkang University, Taiwan); Wei-Yen Wang (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)

2nd Place


"SaveMe: User-centric Cloud System"

Gyuwon Song and Suhyun Kim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology & University of Science and Technology, Korea); Dongmahn Seo (Catholic University of Daegu, Korea)

3rd Place


"Quality-Delay Tradeoff Optimization in Multi-Bitrate Adaptive Streaming"

Duc V. Nguyen (The University of Aizu, Japan); Huyen Trần (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam); Nguyen Dung (Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam); Pham Ngoc Nam (HUST, Vietnam); Anh T. Pham and Truong Cong Thang (The University of Aizu, Japan)


"Conversion of Nearly Monaural Audio to 5.1-Channel Audio for Portable Multimedia Devices"

Chan Jun Chun and Seok Hee Jeong (Gwangju Institute of Science and Tehcnology (GIST), Korea); Myung Kyu Choi (Samsung Electronics, Korea); Hong Kook Kim (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea); Myung Lee (City University of New York, City College, USA)


The Early Career Award

Presented To:

Carsten Dolar

  • Outstanding Service Award (established in 1993)

Stefan Mozar

Tomohiro Hase

Simon Sherratt


2015 Annual IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Chester Sall Awards for 2013

First Place


Jinsung Byun, Insung Hong, Byoungjoo Lee, Sheyun Park

Paper Title:

"Intelligent Household LED Lighting System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction"


2nd Place 


Ezzat G. Bakhoum, Marvin H,M, Cheng

Paper Title:

"Novel Electric Micromoter for Consumer Electronics Applications"


3rd Place (tie between two papers) 


Brunel Happi Tietche, Oliver Romain, Bruce Denby, Francois de Dieuleveult

Paper Title:

"FPGA-Based Simultaneaous Multichannel FM Broadcast Receiver for Audio Indexing

Applications in Consumer Electronics Scenarios"



Lei Luo, Rongxin Jiang, Xiang Tian, Yaowu Chen

Paper Title:

"Rate-Distortion Based Refernce Viewpoints Selection for Multi-view Video Plus Depth Coding"


Ibuka Award Winner

Martin Cooper




ICCE 2014 Best Paper Awards


First Place  

“HEVC Encoder for Super Hi-Vision”

Kazuhisa Iguchi, Atsuro Ichigaya, Yasuko Sugito, Shinichi Sakaida, Yoshiaki Shishikui, NHK

Norimichi Hiwasa, Hiroharu Sakate, Nobuaki Motoyama, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Second Place

“Air Gesture Control Using 5-Pixel Light Sensor”

Zoran Zivkovic, NXP Semiconductors


Third Place

“Gaze Tracking for Smart Consumer Electronics”

Wen-Chung Kao, Sheng-Ju Wu, Wei-Te Chang, National Taiwan Normal University



First Place

Implementation of an Image Signal Processor for Reconfigurable Processors”

Seung-Hyun Choi, Kwangwoon University

Junguk Cho, Yong Min Tai, Samsung Electronics

Seong-Won Lee, Kwangwoon University

Second Place

“Acoustic Echo Canceller Software for VoIP Hands-free Application on

Smartphone and Tablet Devices”

Masahiro Fukui, Suehiro Shimauchi, Kazunori Kobayashi, Hitoshi Ohmuro, NTT

Yusuke Hioka, University of Canterbury

Third Place

“Impact of Software Transactional Memory in Mobile Devices”

Seong-hee Lee, Junwhan Kim, Virginia Tech

Student Papers

First Place

“A Highly-Parallel Approach on Motion Estimation for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)” 

Stefan Radicke, Jens-Uwe Hahn, Hochschule der Medien 

Christos Grecos, Qi Wang, University of the West of Scotland

Second Place

“Adaptive Search Range Method for Spatial Scalable HEVC”  

Hamid Reza Tohidypour, Panos Nasiopoulos, University of British Columbia

Mahsa T. Pourazad, TELUS Communications Company

Third Place

“Blind Image Restoration Based on Total Variation Regularization

and Shock Filter for Blurred Images”

Kyosuke Ohkoshi, Masanao Sawada, Tomio Goto, Satoshi Hirano, Masaru Sakurai, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Outstanding Service

Thomas Coughlin

Early Career Award

Thinagaran Perumal

Chester Sall Winners

  1. Shutao Li and Xudong Kang, Hunan University, China

Paper Title: Fast Multi-exposure Image Fusion with Median Filter and Recursive Filter

CET - May 2012

  1. Hyoung-Gook Kim and Jin-Ho Lee, Kwangwoon University, Korea

Paper Title: Enhancing VoIP Speech Quality Using Combined Playout Control and Signal Reconstruction

CET- May 2012

  1. Beom Su Kim, Sang Hwa Lee, and Nam Ik Cho, National Seoul University, Korea

Paper Title: Real-time Panorama Canvas of Natural Images

CET - Nov 2011




Special Merit Awards

Ja-Won Seo
KAIST, Korea
"A Novel Anti-Vignetting Method for Color Shading Artifact Suppression"


Milan Z. Bjelica
University of Novi Sad
"TV-centric Gaming Applications for Android OS: Architecture and a Framework"


Sebastiaan Van Leuven 
Ghent University - IBBT

Hari Kalva 
Florida Atlantic University

Glenn Van Wallendael 
Ghent University - IBBT

Jan De Cock 
Ghent University - iMinds

Rik Van de Walle 
Ghent University - IBBT
"Joint Complexity and Rate Optimization for 3DTV Depth Map Encoding"


Si-Woong Lee
Hanbat National University


Hanbat National University

Hyun-Soo Kang
Chungbuk National University
"Low-complexity Depth Map Generation for Real-time 2D-to-3D Video Conversion"

Best Student Paper

A Robust Human Pointing Location Estimation Using 3D Hand and Face Poses with RGB-D Sensor

Kihyun Hong, Donghun Kim, Purdue University, USA                                                           

Best Paper

An UHDTV Cable Television Distribution in Combinations of Multiple 64 and 256 QAM Channels

Yoshitaka Hakamada, Naoyoshi Nakamura, Kimiyuki Oyamada, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)




Best Student Paper

Multimodal Approach for Stroke Recognition Using Body-Mounted Sensors 
Sung-do Choi (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR); Soo-Young Lee (KAIST, KR)


Best Oral Paper

Mobile LCD Device with Transparent Infrared Image Sensor Panel for Touch and Hover Sensing 
Sungjoo Suh, Kwonju Yi, Changkyu Choi (Samsung Electronics, KR); Dusik Park (Advanced Media Lab, SAIT, Samsung Electronics, KR); Changyeong Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)


Best Poster Paper

RemoteUI: A High-Performance Remote User Interface System for Mobile Consumer Electronic Devices, Daniel Thommes (Stuttgart Media University, DE); Qi Wang (University of the West of Scotland, UK); Ansgar Gerlicher (Media University Stuttgart, Stuttgart, DE); Christos Grecos (University of West of Scotland, UK)



First Place
Low-Complexity Wavelet-Based Image/Video Coding for Home-Use and Remote Surveillance
Marijn Loomans; Kenny Joosen; Peter H.N, de With (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands); Cornelis Koeleman (VDG Security, The Netherlands

Second Place
Real-Time Priority Processing on the Cell Platform
Coen Tempelaars; Martijn M. H. P. van den Heuvel; Reinder J. Bril; (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) Stefan Schiemenz; Christian Hentschel (Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany)

Third Place
A Multi-User Beamforming Scheme in MIMO Downlink Channels for Multi-Cell Networks
Jai-Hoon Lee; Seokkwon Kim; Seung-Ri Jin; Dong-Jo Park; (Korea Advanced Institute of Science an Technology (KAIST)



2nd Place Best Paper:
Mahsa Pourazad; Panos Nasiopoulos; Rabab K Ward; "Conversion of H.264-Encoded 2D Video to 3D Format"

1st Place Best Paper:
Pongsak Lasang; Chin Phek Ong; Sheng Mei Shen;"CFA-Based Motion Blur Removal"



3rd Place Best Paper: Chang Yeon Cho; Jun Heo; Joon Tae Kim; "An Extension of J.83 Annex B Transmission Systems for Ultra-High Definition (UD) Television Broadcasting"

Joint 1st Place Best Paper: Haiyan He; Johan Janssen; Erwin Bellers; "Low Cost LCD Panel Frame Rate Doubling By Applying Motion Controlled Dynamic Frame Insertion"

Joint 1st Place Best Paper: Haruo Hatanaka; Simpei Fukumoto; Hiroshi Kano; Haruhiko Murata; "An image stabilization technology for digital still camera based on blind deconvolution"



3rd Place Best Paper: Wang, C.; Sung, G.; Chen, P.; "A Transceiver Design for ECU Nodes in FlexRay-based Automotive Communication Systems"

2nd Place Best Paper: Moriyoshi, T.; Miura, S.; "Real-time H.264 Encoder with Deblocking Filter Parallelization"

1st Place Best Paper: Xin, J.; Vetro, A.; Sekiguchi, S.; "A Study of MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding with Half-Horizontal Resolution"



1st Place Best Poster: Baskaran, P.; Morales, A.; Agili, S.; "Transmitter Pre-emphasis and Adaptive Receiver Equalization for Duobinary Signaling in Backplane Channels"

2nd Place Best Paper: Issiki, F.; Maeda, N.; Kimura, K.; Suenaga, H.; Kurokawa, T.; "Triple-write One-lens Optical Pickup for Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Supporting 4x Blu-ray Read/Write"

1st Place Best Paper: Otsuka, I.; Suginohara, H.; Kusunoki, Y.; Divakaran, A.; "Detection of Music Segment Boundaries using Audio-Visual Features for a Personal Video Recorder"



1st Place Best Paper: Schreier, R.M.; Rothermel, A.; "Motion Adaptive Intra Refresh for Low-Delay Video Coding", Digest pp. 453-454

2nd Place Best Paper: Bellers, E.B.; Schutten, R.J.; Kruetzmann, M.; van der Heijden, H.; He, H.; "Directional and motion-compensated de-interlacing", Digest pp. 181-182

3rd Place Best Paper: Kim, J.T.; "Carrier Phase Independent Timing Recovery Methods for VSB", Digest pp. 431-432



Best Paper (joint): Bruls, W.H.A.; Ciuhu, C.; "Bridging the interlace and progressive controversy using a progressive enhancement stream on top of the interlace stream and a new de-interlace algorithm", Digest pp. 5-6

Best Poster (joint): Yuan-Hao Huang; Chiuan-Shian Chen; "A novel control method for horizontal and vertical scaler in the arbitrary resolution LCD panel", Digest pp. 73-74

Best Poster: Annen, K.; Yamamoto, G.; Amano, R.; Haraikawa, T.; Takebayashi, Y.; "Living furniture: life support at home by lifelike furnishings and appliances", Digest pp. 265-266






1st Place Best Paper: Hovden, G.; Nam Ling; "MPEG-4 FAP generation as an optimization problem", Digest pp. 162-163

2nd Place Best Paper: Wittebrood, R.B.; de Haan, G.; Lodder, R.; "Tackling occlusion in scan rate conversion systems", Digest pp. 344-345

Best Poster: Yu-Cheng Fan; Wei-Lung Mao; Hen-Wai Tsao; "An artificial neural network-based scheme for fragile watermarking", Digest pp. 210-211



1st Place Best Paper: de Bruijn, F.J.; Bruls, W.H.A.; Burazerovic, D.; de Haan, G.; "Efficient video coding integrating MPEG-2 and picture-rate conversion", Digest pp. 338-339

2nd Place Best Paper: Vetro, A.; Hata, T.; Kuwahara, N.; Kalva, H.; "Complexity-quality analysis of MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 transcoding architectures", Digest pp. 130-131

Best Poster: Ohtani, Y.; Kawahara, N.; Onoye, T.; Shirakawa, I.; Chiba, T.; "MAC LSI design for wireless MPEG-2 transmission over IEEE802.11b PHY", Digest pp. 242-243



1st Place Best Paper: Asbun, E.; Wu, S-W.; "Implementation of an MPEG-4 enhanced digital TV set-top terminal", Digest pp. 144-145

2nd Place Best Paper: Williams, L.V.; "CEA-851 versatile home network (VHN)-a home intranet backbone for inter-cluster connectivity using IEEE 1394 and IP", Digest pp. 230-231

Best Poster: Dantwala, N.; Ojo, A.; "High quality, cost-effective film-to-video converter for high definition television", Digest pp. 164-165



1st Place Best Paper: Bruls, W.H.A.; Salomons, E.W.; van der Werf, A.; Gunnewiek, R.K.; Camiciotti, L.; "A low-cost audio/video single-chip MPEG2 encoder for consumer video storage applications", Digest pp. 314-315

2nd Place Best Paper: Grimwood, M.; Richardson, P.; Prodan, R.S.; "Enhancing the DOCSIS cable modem specifications with an advanced physical layer for upstream transmission", Digest pp. 78-79

Best Poster: Nagoya, T.; Kai, N.; Ikeda, K.; Ishikawa, T.; Sakurai, M.; "A universal DTV chip set for US/Japan digital TV broadcast", Digest pp. 214-215



1st Place Best Paper: Ohara, K.; Kunzman, A.; "Video processing technique for multimedia HDTV with digital micro-mirror array", Digest pp. 202-203

2nd Place Best Paper: Ghosh, M.; "Decision feedback equalizer (DFE) design issues for terrestrial television receivers", Digest pp. 192-193

Best Poster: Schu, M.; Scheffler, G.; Tuschen, C.; Stolze, A.; "System on silicon-IC for motion compensated scan rate conversion, picture-in-picture processing, split screen applications and display processing", Digest pp. 172-173



1st Place Best Paper: Kikuchi, H.; Fukuzaki, T.; Tamaki, R.; Takeshita, T.; "Gigabit Video Interface: A Fully Serialized Data Transmission System For Digital Moving Pictures", Digest pp. 30-31

2nd Place Best Paper: de Haan, G.; Schutten, R.J.; "Real-time 2-3 Pull-down Elimination Applying Motion Estimation/compensation In A Programmable Device", Digest pp. 356-357

Best Poster: Nakayama, E.; Yamamoto, Y.; Matsudaira, M.; Abe, Y.; Soga, Y.; "3D Digital Broadcasting System And IRD Using Progressive Scanned Digital Broadcasting", Digest pp. 204-205



1st Place Best Paper: Kaaden, J.; Albertini, J.-B.; "Thin-film Heads For Helical Scan Recording", Digest pp. 60-61

2nd Place Best Paper: de Haan, G.; Bellers, E.B.; "De-interlacing Video Data", Digest pp. 400-401

Best Poster: Satoh, K.; Takewa, H.; Iwasa, M.; Kikkawa, T.; "A High Fidelity Small-sized Loudspeaker", Digest pp. 314-315



1st Place Best Paper: Bao, J.; Huifang Sun; Poon, T.C.; "HDTV Down-Conversion Decoder", Digest pp. 100-101

2nd Place Best Paper: Shinoda, T.; Kariya, K.; Wakitani, M.; Otsuka, A.; Hirose, T.; "Development of large Color AC Plasma Display Panels", Digest pp. 254-255



1st Place Best Paper: de Haan, G.; Kettenis, J.; de Loore, B.; "IC for motion-compensated 100 Hz TV with smooth-motion movie-mode", Digest pp. 40-41

2nd Place Best Paper: Mailhot, J.N.; Derovanessian, H.; "The Grand Alliance HDTV video encoder", Digest pp. 300-301



1st Place Best Paper: Boyce, J.M.; "Data Selection Strategies for Digital VCR Long Play Mode", Digest pp. 32-33

2nd Place Best Paper: Deiss, M.S.; "A DBS Digital Television System Using MPEG Compression and High Power Transponders", Digest pp. 78-79



1st Place Best Paper: Scarpa, C.; "A Recursive NTSC Canceller To Reduce Co-channel Interference Into HDTV Broadcasts", Digest pp. 376-377

2nd Place Best Paper: Hirtz, G.; "Symmetrical Deflection For Future IDTV/HDTV Receivers", Digest pp. 38-39