Distinguished Lecturer Nominations Process

Nomination and Selection of Distinguished Lecturers:


The DL Program consists of at least four Distinguished Lecturers. After review all received nominations, DLs are selectedand approved by the Distinguished Lecturer Program Committee. Final approval is by the CESoc Board of Governors. The term for each Distinguished Lecturer is two years. Currently all terms start and end at the turn of a calendar year, and then should take a three year break before getting reappointed.

Selection of Distinguished Lecturers is based on the following criteria:

  1. professional competence and recognition of CESoc expertise,
  2. communication and presentation skills,
  3. topics related to CESoc,
  4. publications in CESoc Transactions or CESoc Magazine
  5. experience on the topic that will be presented,
  6. being a member of IEEE CESoc,
  7. being a Senior Member of the IEEE or IEEE higher grade.
  8. contribution to a balanced program, and
  9. Recommendation/nomination by:
    • Member of CESoc Board of Governors.
    • General Chair/Technical Program Chair of the ICCE conference, the ISCE conference, or CESoc sponsored conference.
    • Editor of any CESoc publications.

Selection and participation in the CESoc Distinguished Lecturer program shall not be used in the advertising of products or services, nor for any non-approved presentations such as product or training seminars or trade shows. Distinguished Lecturers may not, as part of any DL Program presentation, advertise, market, or offer for sale, any commercial product or service,


To nominate a CESoc member as a DL please fill out this online or download and fill out this Nomination for IEEE CESoc Distinguished Lecturer form and send it to:

DL Program Chair:  Gordana Velikic, RT-RK Institute for Computer-Based Systems, Novi Sad Serbia, Gordana.Velikic@rt-rk.com