Selection of Distinguished Lecturers

The program consists of at least eight Distinguished Lecturers, selected by the Distinguished Lecturer Program chairman from written nominations or application from ICCE & ISCE selected papers, and approved by the CE Society Board of Directors. The term for each Distinguished Lecturer is two years. Currently all terms start and end at the turn of a calendar year. Selection is based on:

  1. professional competence and recognition of CE expertise,
  2. communication and presentation skills,
  3. CE topics,
  4. contribution to a balanced program, and
  5. recommendation of ICCE Technical Program Chair and the ISCE Technical Program Chair. Selection and participation in the CE Society's Distinguished Lecturer program shall not be used in the advertising of products or services, nor for any non-approved presentations such as product or training seminars or trade shows. Distinguished Lecturers may not, as part of any DL Program presentation, advertise, market, or offer for sale, any commercial product or service.