Safe Advanced Mobile Power

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Sept. 23 & 24, 2015 in Milpitas California


Sponsored by the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committee and the IEEE Future Directions Committee


We are currently seeking experts to participate in this 1.5 day workshop (with student design contest judging at the end of the workshop) to discuss issues around power in mobile devices and the creation of an initiative to provide a week’s worth of power for “normal” smart phone use without recharging from a fixed power source and meeting important requirements for mobile phones (and other mobile devices).  In particular, we are seeking experts in the following areas:

·       Battery technology for mobile devices

·       Energy generation for mobile devices (e.g. fuel cells)

·       Energy harvesting in mobile devices

·       Wireless power for mobile devices (not including inductive charging)

·       Mobile device (phone) current and future applications and power requirements

·       General requirements for mobile devices (mobile phones) including energy management and conservation

·       Business and manufacturing issues for mobile device and their power systems

·       Safety and sustainability requirements/needs for mobile devices


This is an invited workshop of experts on areas related to the project objective of creating and participating in an initiative to encourage the development of safe advanced mobile power technology.  There is no charge to the participants to participate in this meeting, but we need to know what you can contribute to the discussion to give you an invitation.  The sessions and discussions run from 9 AM  onSept. 23 to 1 PM on Sept 24, 2015.  There will be a dinner and continued discussion the evening of Sept. 23, 2015.


This is the first of two workshops this year, and our second year of these workshops, addressing these topics and geared to creating a larger IEEE initiative on this topic.  This is the only one of these workshops that will be held in the Santa Clara Valley.


If you would like to participate and can talk and discuss topics including those above and other important factors in the development of next generation mobile power sources please contact Lee Stogner ( or Tom Coughlin ( and us him know what you can contribute to this meeting.