Future Directions

IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committees

Theme:  Making Science Fiction into Reality

Contact:  Tom Coughlin, tom@tomcoughlin.com (regarding more information or to join one of our committees)

Purpose (Mission Statement):  The IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committees are an extension of the IEEE Technical Activities Future Directions Committee.  The various groups’ purpose is to explore the current state of various technology areas in consumer electronics and develop a model and plan for future developments with a focus on meeting important social and human needs as well as enable the individual pursuit of happiness.


Background Material

We formed these committees to address near and long term future consumer electronic trends and in order to create initiatives in these new areas.  Some of these initiatives are:

  • Helping to put together sessions and keynote speakers for IEEE CE Society conferences
  • Helping to recruit articles for the IEEE CE Magazine and possibly other IEEE CE Society Publications
  • Create new initiatives that could help create larger activities within the Future Directions Committee of the IEEE Technical Activities Board
  • Participation in putting together chapters in a book proposal.  The book is called:  Future Directions in Consumer Electronics


CE Society FD participants are encouraged to join or form new committees and/or recruit folks to form committees on consumer oriented technology areas that we should address in our Future Directions activities. 


Current Future Directions Committees:

  • Advanced Audio
  • Clouds and Consumer Big Data
  • Consumer Digital Storage
  • Consumer Robotics
  • Consumer Smart Grid
  • Future Education
  • Home Fabrication
  • Home Health
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Energy
  • Product Safety
  • Smart Imaging and Biometrics
  • Smart Vehicular Technology: 
  • Sustainability in Consumer Electronics


Young User Survey:

  • We have started a young consumer survey with a few questions related to their use of consumer devices
  • We will publish the results at the 2014 ICCE
  • This is still open and can be taken at:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZSRKFQK