The Distinguished Lecturer Program

The CESoc Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides a service to support the CESoc Chapters with high qualified distinguished lecturers specialized on various aspects of consumer electronics and to deliver technical seminars and workshops.  

While presentations to groups outside of the CESoc and the IEEE are encouraged, the DLP is not intended to be used for national or international CESoc symposiums, conferences, regional conventions, local colloquiums, trade shows, or commercial seminars.

The DLP can be arranged in response to a request from one or more CESoc Chapter Chairs.

The distinguished lectures are organized not only to benefit the existing CESoc Chapters and their members, but they can also be effective in generating membership and encouraging the formation of new CESoc chapters. Where possible a group of geographically adjacent chapters are encouraged to coordinate with the DL Coordinator in arranging schedules that cover the region. If you are interested in one of the lectures, please visit:

Should you have any questions please contact the DL Program Chair.