Educational Activities & Webinars (EAW)

CESoc provides education and professional development via webinars, tutorials, and workshops. Webinars are provided with audio/video live presentation on consumer technologies, systems, products and services of current interest to CESoc members, engineers, researchers, scientists, students, and general public.




Join the IEEE Consumer Technologies Society Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer, Bob Frankston, for a lively and free-form discussion. Revisit the Internet from Bob’s perspective of over half-a-century of using software to empower people and, more important, to have fun. Today’s use of the Internet for video conferencing is just the latest phase in a longer story that is as much about psychology and big ideas as it is about engineering.


This event will provide the participants with the opportunity to submit questions and comments in real-time during the presentation.




Upcoming Webinars/Educational Events

  • Prof. Muhammad Khurram Khan, Cybersecurity in the 5G-connected IoT World: Recent Developments  and Future Trends, April 17, 2020 at 5 pm CET

  • Coffee with Bob Frankston, Saturday, April 18, at 6 pm CET

  • Akihiko K. Sugiyamain, Patents: Make it stronger and more profitable, April 24, 9 am CET

  • Sreeram (Ram) Dhurjaty,  Ventilator Fundamentals and the role of Consumer Technology in Affordable Ventilators, April 25, 4 pm CET


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