IEEE Transaction on Haptics

The IEEE Transactions on Haptics addresses science, technology and applications associated with 
information acquisition and object manipulation through touch. Haptics is an interdisciplinary 
science that concerns consumer electronics as well as robotics, teleoperation and telemedicine, for example. Haptic interactions relevant to this journal include all aspects of manual exploration and manipulation by humans, machines and interactions between the two, performed in real, virtual, teleoperated or networked environments. Research areas of relevance to this publication include, but are not be limited to, the following topics:

  • Human haptic and multi-sensory perception and action 
  • Haptic interactions via passive or active tools and machines 
  • Devices that sense, enable, or create haptic interactions locally or at a distance 
  • Haptic rendering and its association with graphic and auditory rendering in virtual reality 
  • Algorithms, controls, and dynamics of haptic devices, users, and interactions between the two 
  • Human-machine performance and safety with haptic feedback 
  • Haptics in the context of human-computer interactions 
  • Systems and networks using haptic devices and interactions, including multi-modal feedback 
  • Application of the above, for example in areas such as education, rehabilitation, medicine, computer-aided design, skills training, computer games, driver controls, simulation and visualization

The Transactions on Haptics are published quarterly, with one issue on a special topic area. The journal is financially co-sponsored by IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and IEEE Computer Society, and is also technically co-sponsored by IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

The journal web site is, and paper submission will be done through the Computer Society portal ( or the Manuscript Central link below.

For inquiries please contact Professor Ed Colgate, Northwestern University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-3111, USA, Phone 847-491-4264, fax 847-491-3915 and email address

IEEE Transactions on Haptics is now accepting submissions through Manuscript Central